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Hospice Bereavement Support Groups
Bereavement services are available to everyone in the community, and there is no fee. To access more grief support information, call (209) 223-5500.

Amador County
Drop-in Bereavement Groups: First Thursday of every month 11:30am – 1:00pm
Hospice Conference Room
1500 So. Hwy. 49, Suite 105
Calaveras County
Drop-in Bereavement Groups: Wednesday 10:am-11:30am
Calaveras Senior Center
950 Mt Ranch Rd Room 9
San Andreas

Griefbusters respond to the special needs of young people who may need help in coping with and recovering from traumatic personal losses caused by the death of someone close.

Understanding the loss of someone close and getting beyond the grief is difficult for everyone – however, it is especially difficult for young people. Often families think the child “doesn’t really understand” or has “gotten over” the death, when in reality, neither is true. Many children have difficulty putting their feelings about grief into words. So, instead of words, his or her behavior “speaks” for the child. Poor school work, defiance, short tempers, fights, sudden delinquency, eating disorders, promiscuity, drinking or drug use may all be signs of unresolved grief.

Griefbusters listen and give support; they are not “therapists.” Conversations are private and confidential, and services are provided without charge. Volunteers are also available to meet with students’ families

Friends for Survival – Support for Survivors of Suicide
Friends For Survival, Inc. is a national non-profit outreach organization open to those who have lost family or friends by suicide, and also to professionals who work with those who have been touched by a suicide tragedy. Friends For Survival, organized by and for survivors, has been offering services since 1983. All staff and volunteers have been directly impacted by a suicide death. Visit their website at, or call their Local Help Line at (916) 392-0664.

Download Brochures
The following brochures contain helpful information about the many support services offered by Hospice of Amador and Calaveras. The brochures may be view or printed.

Hospice of Amador & Calaveras Brochure

Bereavement Support Group


Grief Support Services


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