Become a Hospice Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart of hospice. As an independent, non-profit hospice agency, we greatly depend on volunteerism in a variety of areas, from visiting patients and families to providing important support for administrative and fundraising activities. For more information on our volunteer positions, or how you can help, contact Melissa Justice at (209) 223-5500, or melissa.justice@hospiceofamador.org.

Below is a description of the various volunteer positions we offer:

Thrift Store Volunteers*

Usual time commitment: four-hour shifts.

  • Cashier – Be the face of hospoice when working the cash register, stocking shelves, or assisting customers with questions.
  • Merchandiser – Be trained to prepare and hang clothing, shoes, and other accessories. Help stock shelves and organize/clean the sales floor.
  • Intake – Greet the public when they bring a donation; test electrical items; sort clothes and household appliances as requested.*Thrift Store volunteers receive a 25% discount

Family Support Volunteers

Usual time commitment: up to four hours per week.
Family support volunteers must attend a 32-hour training course.

  • Respite Volunteer – Work directly with patients and their families to provide respite so the family/caregiver can go run errands, go to appointments, or take an hour break.
  • No One Dies Alone Volunteer – Be present when the patient has no one else, or when the family needs further assistance at end of life. These volunteers ensure no one will have to die alone.
  • Vet-to-Vet Volunteer – Provide companionship to our Veterans on service. Some of our veterans on service better connect to those that have served and are able to share a common language than other volunteers might not have been able to share with that patient.
  • Pet Therapy Volunteer – Help patients better cope with their health problems and provide support and companionship to patients who miss their furry companions.

Grief Volunteers

Usual time commitment: two to four hours per week. Grief volunteers are required to attend a 32-hour training course. Duties include:

  • Assistance at grief support groups for families
  • Providing phone support to families


  • Be trained to work with school age children and assist them in coping with loss and associated grief.
  • Griefbusters must attend a 20-hour, in-depth training. Please visit the Griefbusters page for more information.

Fundraising Volunteer

  • Help with the set-up and break down of our annual events.
  • Help work the actual event.

Office and Administration

  • Help in the clinical office by answering phones, shredding, and working in medical records.
  • Help with donations as they come in forms of thank you letters or help stock supplies for our patients.

Additional Resources for Volunteers

A great resource for our Volunteers is AIH – Advances in Hospice. Please Visit their website.